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The yoni massage for women is the female version of lingam massage for men. Both are tantric massages that you can enjoy at ElixirBCN.

What are the goals of yoni massage?

It is mainly based on massage the female genital area according to the tantric philosophy.

Su objetivo principal no es que la mujer llegue al orgasmo, sino que le aporte placer y relajación. Se trata de la búsqueda del crecimiento personal a través del placer.

For the realization of the yoni massage we recommend a previous relaxing shower or bath and an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. The woman lies on her back and the masseur will apply a moisturizing oil to gently caress her all over her body (breasts, abdomen, thighs …) approaching, little by little, the genital area. Once in the mons pubis, continue massaging the labia majora with the thumb and index finger, from top to bottom and vice versa, slowly, to then move on to the labia minora and clitoris which is gently stimulated with circular movements to both sides. Finally, a finger is inserted into the yoni and it is massaged with varying intensity and pressure, exploring the area known as the G-spot.

Throughout the massage, the aim is to maintain intense levels of pleasure without rapidly reaching a climax, i.e. when the excitement reaches a very high point and you are on the verge of orgasm, the stimulation is diminished to begin to rise again, again and again, until you reach waves of orgasm.

It is important to control the breathing, deep, conscious and relaxed, as well as the inner disposition to take advantage of this massage.

Where does the Yoni massage come from?

Yoni is the name given to the female genitals. The term comes from Sanskrit, a classical Indian language, and means “vulva”, “uterus” or “vagina” in the sense of a source of life.

Vatsyayana refers to the yoni in the Kamasutra in the same way as tantra, from a perspective of love and respect. Thus, the yoni would be the “sacred temple” of women.

In Tantric philosophy, sex is sacred and based on search for personal fulfillment through the body’s energy.

The origins of the yoni massage, therefore, are found in this oriental current, so that its purpose is the expansion of consciousness through the channeling of energy.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of yoni massage are diverse:

  • Although the aim of the massage is not the orgasm, a massage of this type leads to facilitate and intensify orgasms in women, making them more pleasant. Many women have problems reaching orgasm so this massage can be very useful in that sense.
  • It is also optimal for release of tension, causing a state of physical and metal relaxation with the consequent health benefits that this entails.
  • Another of its benefits consists in discovering new erogenous zones, since the stimulation, through a massage, of all the corners of our skin, helps to acquire more conscience about the own body.
  • In addition, the women’s massage yoni revives women’s libido, which can often be diminished by many factors, awakening their sensuality and eroticism.

What sensations can you discover?

The yoni massage is used for learning to relax and open up to discover other types of sensations, both physical and emotional, expanding the capacity to receive pleasure.

It helps women to experience their own sexual energy, to become aware of their yoni and their most intimate desires, and to explore a form of pleasure independent of orgasm, giving a new meaning to female sexuality.

Finally, it should be noted that yoni massage is also used therapeutically for emotional healing, establishing an inner connection and can lead to the liberation of various emotions.

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