Mobile World Congress 2020

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 is about to start (from 24th February to 27th 2020), it is one of the most important technological events in the world and it is held in Barcelona, no more and no less.

As every year, the MWC brings together the best of the mobile communication industry, a real opportunity for the best brands in the sector worldwide to present their new products. But it also means that the thousands of people attending the event will have the chance to get to know the city and enjoy its delights.

Undoubtedly, an event of such magnitude moves a lot of demand around the adult sector. In this area, there is ElixirBCN, a reference centre dedicated to sensual massages, which has a very well cared for environment, with luxury facilities and full of details, to welcome the most exquisite clients who want to be delighted with a very special massage.

Why an erotic massage after MWC 2020?

After attending the congress, receiving a sensual massage may be the best option, as the benefits are multiple:

  • A massage is a connection with our body that we rarely have. Every day we are so busy with other things that we hardly spend any time on ourselves, or listening to our body. However, our body is wise, it has a lot to tell us about how we are treating it, how we feel, and what we need. Stopping to feel, focusing only on it, is almost a necessity.
  • A massage like this is perfect for relaxing after a hard day and recharging batteries.
  • Skin-to-skin contact, caresses and the sensory stimulation provided by an erotic massage generate substances in our organism that produce well-being.
  • In addition, an erotic massage awakens our sensuality, a part of us in relation to the sensations of the senses and pleasure.

Remember that we offer erotic massages for men, massages for women, for couples at our center or at your hotel


Which erotic massage to choose?

Erotic massages MWCElixirBCN offers you different options so that you can choose the massage pack that best suits you, depending on the experience you want to have.

For example, if it’s your first time, you can try the “ElixirBCN” erotic massage which is quite inexpensive (40 euros for 30 minutes) and eminently sensitive. It is a non-interactive massage, that is, you will only be receiving the most sensual caresses all over your body from the masseur you have chosen. Of course, accompanied by aromatic oils and relaxing music.

If you prefer mutual interaction with the masseur, you can choose the massage “Elixir Silver(50 euro for 30 minutes). Performed on a comfortable mat, this massage is a body to body massage full of sensuality and mutual caress.

Another somewhat bolder proposal is the “Elixir Gold” (60 euros for 30 minutes) which, in addition to interaction and everything that the previous massage involves, includes an erotic shower with the masseur. Without a doubt, a unique experience.

Here you can find the prices of our massages

How to get from the MWC?

ElixirBCN is located in the center of Barcelona, touching the Hospital Clínic and about 20 minutes walk from Plaza España.
By COCHE or TAXI it is about 4 km from the Mobile World Congress. In 10 or 12 minutes, depending on the traffic, you’ll be there.

If you travel by subway or bus, it’s also pretty easy and fast, it takes only twenty minutes.

If you prefer to stay in your hotel and have the masseur move around, there is also that possibility and you will not have to move from where you are staying.

ElixirBCN: Erotic Massage Barcelona on Google Maps

In short, if you plan to attend the MWC 2020 as a main course, don’t forget the dessert: nothing better than an erotic massage at ElixirBCN. Why is this place one of the delights of Barcelona? The word itself says it, since delight means “very lively sensual pleasure”.

Discover the pleasure and sensuality of an erotic massage at ElixirBCN!

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