Lingam massage is one of the most popular and pleasurable tantra techniques, which you can enjoy at ElixirBCN.

What are the objectives of lingam massages?

It is fundamentally based on massaging the male genital area where, according to the philosophy of Tantric massage, the sexual chakra is located.

The main objectives of lingam massage are related to the relaxation of the man and the connection with his most sensitive part.

If it is done after a relaxing shower, the massage will be much more effective.

For the execution of the lingam massage the man lies down in a comfortable position, in an ideal environment for relaxation. The masseur will apply some special oil to be able to caress him/her gently, slowly, being able to begin by all the body for later to be centered in the genital area. Continue stroking with both hands the testicles, the pubic bone and the perineum area, little by little, until you reach the head of the lingam. The intensity and pressure of the massage will vary, creating different pleasant sensations in the man. Stimulation alternates with stops or decreases to maximize the climax.

Where does lingam massage come from?

The lingam is the male sexual organ, the penis. It is a term that comes from Sanskrit, the classical language of India, and means “phallus” in relation to the male energy.

In the Kamasutra, Vatsyayana refers to the penis as lingam and the same is true when speaking from Tantric sex.

Tantric philosophy is based on the search for the spiritual, which considers sex as something beyond the carnal or physical.

The origins of lingam massage, therefore, can be found in this oriental current, so that its purpose is the expansion of consciousness through the channeling of sexual energy.

According to Tantric sex, the sexual chakra symbolizes the union between body, mind and spirit, so the lingam massage is carried out to reach fullness. So this massage is not intended to bring the man to orgasm, but to stimulate the energy of this erogenous zone.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of lingam massage are diverse:

  • A massage of this type is perfect for learning to control ejaculation, as it helps to focus on pre-orgasmic sensations and identify them. In addition, since the moment of orgasm is prolonged through successive stops, the man breaks the habit of ejaculating quickly and manages to maintain higher levels of pleasure.
  • It is also optimal for reducing stress and relaxing man, with the consequent health benefits of increased endorphins.
  • Discovering different erogenous zones of the body is another of its benefits, since the stimulation of all the corners of our skin, through a massage, helps to wake up pleasant sensations in places that we did not know and to acquire greater conscience on the body.
  • In addition, lingam massage revives erotic desire, which can often be affected by a multitude of factors.

What sensations can you discover?

Lingam massageThe lingam massage serves to learn to relax and to open up to discover other types of erotic sensations different from the usual ones, extending the capacity to receive pleasure.

Since the man adopts a passive role during this massage, it requires an exchange of roles in relationships, which is a new experience for him.

It also helps the man to explore a form of pleasure independent of the orgasm.

Finally, this type of massage leads to more pleasurable orgasms.

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